3 Ways That A Felony Conviction Can Change Your Life

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If you are facing felony charges, you could be worried about what is going to happen when you go to court. It's important to understand that a felony conviction can affect your life in many ways. Therefore, it's essential to take your charges seriously and to work with a criminal defense lawyer. These are some of the ways that a felony conviction can change your life.

1. Loss of Freedom

Depending on the charges that you are facing, there is a good chance that you are facing a loss of freedom if you get convicted. This means that you could end up serving time in jail or prison, although the length of your sentence will vary based off of things like the charges that you are convicted of and your previous criminal history. Even if you don't end up in jail or prison, you could find yourself on probation, meaning that you might have to check in with a probation officer and abide by certain restrictions, such as not leaving the state without permission or having a curfew.

2. Difficulty in Finding Employment

Another thing that you have to worry about if you get convicted of a felony is the fact that it could affect your ability to gain employment. Many employers run criminal background checks on applicants. Although a minor misdemeanor might not prevent you from getting certain jobs, it could be something that you have to worry about if you are convicted of a felony.

3. Difficulty in Securing Housing

If you don't own your home, you should know that a felony conviction can make it difficult for you to rent. Many landlords run background checks on those who are looking to move into their apartments or other rentals, and a felony conviction could prevent you from moving into the place that you are interested in. Even though there are landlords out there who will work with people with a criminal record, it can really narrow down your options and make it a lot harder for you to find housing.

As you can see, there are various reasons why a felony conviction can have major effects on your life. This means that if you are facing any type of felony charges, you should take the situation seriously. Luckily, if you hire a criminal defense attorney, he or she can tell you more about your situation and may be able to help you with your case. Check out sites like http://www.darksidelawyers.com for more information.