Three Major Tips For Dealing With A Jury DUI Trial

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If you are being tried for aggravated DUI, and you are facing a jury of your peers, there are people you don't want as jurors and others you should definitely have on the jury. Here is a brief overview of tips for winning a jury DUI trial:

You Don't Need Those Who Are Likely to Come Down Hard on You

You don't want people who have a history of coming down hard on DUI violations. Examples of such people include law enforcement officers (both present and former) as well as those who wish to become law enforcement officers (think security guards). Others include past victims of DUIs (this is understandable given their pain and loss), older women, and those who have DUIs on their records. It may also be wise not to have those who deal with the consequences of drunk driving on a daily basis, such as paramedics and firefighters.

You Need Those Who May Be Favorable to Your Plight

Just as some people don't have the slightest sympathy for drivers accused of DUI, there are others who may be sympathetic to your tribulations. These are the kinds of people you need to be sitting in the jury box when your trial is underway. For example, those who drive a lot (such as salespeople and truckers) understand the plight of drivers on the road, and they may be sympathetic to your plight. This group also include those who are intrinsically inclined to be sympathetic, such as teachers of special needs kids and therapists.

You Need to Have the Leaders on Your Side

Members of a jury may have the same voting powers, but some jurors tend to have stronger personalities than their colleagues. These jurors with strong personalities tend to assume leadership roles during the deliberations, and the rest of the group also tend to follow them. This means a defendant who has managed to get the leaders on their side is more likely to have a favorable outcome of their case than a defendant who hasn't focused on the leaders. In most cases, these leaders also tend to occupy positions of authority in the real world.

Since the jury decides whether you are innocent or guilty, and which punishment you deserve, you can't afford to have the wrong jurors or to exclude the right jurors. This underscores the need for an experienced DUI lawyer since they have the appropriate experience to select the right jury.