How To Help Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Deal With A DUI

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If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is facing a DUI charge, you may feel a little bit helpless and unsure about what you can do to help them through this tough time. Depending on how severe the DUI charge is, they may or may not be facing a small amount of jail time. Typically, however, if they have a good attorney, they may only be slapped with a hefty fine and have their license suspended. To help them through this time, this article will list a few ways to give them comfort and help ease their stress. 

Help Them Find an Attorney

If your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't already have a criminal defense attorney to represent them, consider helping them find one that has a good reputation and that is affordable. When searching for a good DUI or criminal defense attorney, make sure that you look at their reviews to find out how good of a job they are likely to do. 

Keep Them Distracted In a Healthy Way

The last thing that you want to do for your girlfriend or boyfriend who is facing a DUI charge is to get them to drink even more alcohol. Even though alcohol may be a distraction (and it may be one that they are used to using all of the time) it can also be extremely physically and emotionally damaging. To keep their mind occupied and to reduce their stress, consider keeping them distracted in a healthy way like taking them hiking, to a yoga class, out for coffee, to a movie, or trying a new hobby together. Not only will the distraction mean a lot to them but knowing that you put it together will also show them that you care. 

Talk to Them About Rehab

This may seem like a scary and unnerving thing for you to address with your boyfriend or girlfriend but if you feel that this DUI charge is the result of an overall drinking problem, then you may want to stage an intervention with some of your close friends to discuss the potential of going to rehab. Remember that when you talk to them about this that you want it to come from a place of love and respect; the last thing you want is for them to feel attacked. 

As you can see, there are several small things you can do to help your girlfriend or boyfriend if they are facing a DUI charge.