What To Know Concerning Bail Bonding Services

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When a person is arrested, the right to post bail can allow them to leave jail until the end of their trial. After being arrested for the first time, individuals are unlikely to be informed about bail, which can make utilizing this option difficult.

You Do Not Have To Pay For Bail With Cash

It is often assumed that bai will have to be paid in full with cash. However, defendants are free to use bail bonding services. When a bail bond is issued, the defendant is only required to pay a fraction of the total price of the bail. Often, this amount will be around ten percent of the bail.

Bail Can Be Revoked

Many defendants will assume that bail is little more than paying the money demanded by the courts. However, there are other stipulations that also accompany bail. For example, there are often travel restrictions in place to minimize the risk of absconding. Furthermore, there are often requirements for defendants to avoid further arrest or altercations. 

If any of these requirements are violated, the bail will likely be revoked by the judge. When this occurs, the defendant will be returned to jail, and the bail will be forfeited. Individuals that used bail bond services will lose the collateral used for securing the bond when this happens.

The Defendant Does Not Have To Be Physically Present To Start The Bail Bond Process

It is often assumed a defendant will have to be physically present to start the bail bonding process. These professionals understand the difficulty defendants can have. For this reason, they will be able to start this process over the phone. Defendants that use this option will likely find that they are greeted by a representative from the bail bonding company to complete the process as soon as they are released. In the event that the defendant fails to complete the process of obtaining the bail bond, the bondsman can revoke the bond, which will cause the defendant to be returned to jail.

Bail Bond Services Are Heavily Regulated In Most Jurisdictions

There are common misconceptions about the safety and security of using bail bond services. However, bail bonding services are often heavily regulated by local governments. These regulations will ensure that individuals using these services are protected from predatory practices. Due to these protections, the majority of people that use these services will experience few major issues as long as they comply with the terms of the bail bond.

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