Helping Someone That Is in a Family Violence Situation

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Relationship abuse tends to be complicated. Rarely does an abused woman leave her partner at the very first instance of abuse. Instead, people often stay in relationships with their abusers until they are in serious danger. If you know someone that is being abused, you should do what you can to help them out. These are the tips that you need to know when you want to assist someone that is going through a family violence situation. 

1. Give them the mental and emotional support that they need

People that stay in abusive relationships more often than not have had some form of trauma in their childhood or their young adult life. It's not a simple situation for them to get out of, and they will need to seek some counseling to transition into a new life. In the meantime, allow them to vent and listen without judgment. Before you can provide any sort of help, you have to prove yourself trustworthy. Offer them emotional support and empathy so that they feel strong enough to begin discussing exit strategy. 

2. Develop an escape plan so that they know what steps to take next

While compassion is important, you need to be expeditious when it comes to helping your loved one out of the abusive relationship. Make it clear that they need to get out of harm's way as quickly as possible, and allow them some help in making it happen. They will need to be discrete, pack a bag, and stay in communication with you and any other trusted relationships. 

It's important to know where they should go and what kind of help is available to them. The more that they can begin visualizing the reality of a life free of abuse, the more they will be empowered with confidence to make something happen. Tell them that they should always keep their phones on and be ready to call the police at the drop of a hat. You should do the same if there are ever any situations where their safety appears to be in jeopardy. 

Take them to start talking to some family law attorneys that can look after their interests as well. They will offer some excellent advice that will help with the emergency plan and can represent them in court once they decide to press charges. These lawyers might cost between about $250–$450 per hour, so be sure you find the right firm. 

Use these tips when helping someone you love with a family violence case. Contact law services like Wilder Law Firm to learn more.