Let's Review The Importance Of Hiring A DUI Lawyer

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If you have been given a summons to appear in court on DUI charges, it is very important to make sure that you are going in there fully prepared. Before assuming that this is a case that you could represent yourself in, you will want to read through the following reasons why it would be better to hire legal help. Here are some of the ways in which it can be very helpful to retain a DUI lawyer:

They Might Be Able To Dispute The Calibration Of Their Equipment

There are times when the equipment used to determine if a driver is intoxicated starts to give faulty readings. This generally happens because the equipment needs to be inspected and calibrated often. If that is not happening, then the reading on the breathalyzer may not be accurate. Even if you did have a drink or two, the readings given might be much higher than they should have been, causing you to end up in legal trouble. Your DUI lawyer will be able to discover when the equipment was calibrated last and whether that police department has a lot of complaints about faulty readings. This information can be used in your defense.

They Might Be Able To Get You A Less Severe Punishment

If you intend to plead guilty, you may be interested in getting the easiest punishment possible. Even if you are pleading innocent, you want to be prepared for a guilty verdict, just in case. By having a DUI lawyer to work on your case, you might be able to simply do some community service so you can continue to work and be home with your family. If you don't have a knowledgeable lawyer working with you, you could end up facing jail time instead.

Your Lawyer Will Prevent You From Being Tricked In Court

The last thing you want is for the prosecution to talk down to you and to trick you into saying something that they can use against you. Their job is to get a guilty verdict. The job of your DUI lawyer is to try to prevent that, or get you a small punishment if guilty turns out to be the verdict. To do this, your lawyer can object to any questioning by the prosecution that is out of line. 

Make sure that you are contacting a few DUI lawyers, like Daniels Long & Pinsel, as soon as possible so you can gather the information you need to pick the one you want to retain.